Our Prices for Driving Lessons in Sheffield

Driving Lessons by the Hour

The price list

Lessons can be one hour, one and a half or even two hours long. We believe you should choose the length of your lessons as they suit you and under advice from your JDM instructor

You can try us with no obligation to take further lessons. You can also pay by the hour and then choose to block book at any time once you are convinced we are the right driving school for you.

Current Prices guaranteed until at least 30th September, 2021


Pay as you go

One Hour – £35

Introductory Offer

Two Hours for the Price of ONE

New customers* to JDM are entitled to a FREE SECOND HOUR when taking their first session with JDM Driving School. Book two hours and only pay for the first hour. Alternatively,.book an hour and a half and have the half hour for free.

Terms & Conditions:.

INTRO OFFER – Do you Qualify ?

*new customers include any client having their first lesson with a JDM instructor who has never been entitled to drive unaccompanied anywhere in the world or who has never booked or taken a practical test anywhere in the world..

Introductory Offer Prices

First session only.

Two Hour Initial Lesson – £35.00 for first hour, second hour free.

One and Half Hour Lesson – £50.00 for first hour – half hour free

One hour lesson – £35.00 for the hour.

We reserve the right to offer an alternative deal if we are unable to book someone in for two hours who has requested the two for one first session and meets the requirements above

Block Booking

Book Bulk Driving Lessons

We now offer a variety of significant discounts for purchasing your lessons in blocks.

Blocks must be paid for on or before any lessons you wish to include in that block. You can purchase blocks at any time even if you have started using the pay as you go method.

Block Discount Prices

One Hour – £35

Five hours – £165 (£33 per hour)

Ten Hours – £33 (£33 per hour)

Pass-Plus – £180 (6 to 7 hours post test tuition)

Gift Tokens

Treat your loved ones to Driving Lessons

Freedom is the greatest gift of all so why not treat your most precious loved ones to the gift of driving lesson tokens.
Tokens are available throughout the year at our usual rates, attracting greater discounts with the more lessons bought at one time.
Why not buy driving lessons as a gift for a loved one? (Or why not tell a loved one to buy them for you?)
We currently sell tokens on a plastic token card worth 5 or 10 hours each or we can sell individual hour / half hour tokens on stiff card.

Gift Vouchers & Full Price List

Terms, Conditions and More Information

Your Driving Lessons

We expect you to pay for your lessons on our arrival at your location, our price includes pick up and drop off in the same or different locations. There are no additional charges for fuel, insurance or lessons that over run due to traffic conditions.

We may charge expenses for lessons where we need to travel outside of our coverage area to pick up or drop off

We will notify you of this before the lesson. If you live in or on the outskirts of Sheffield, you will NOT be charged extra.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, cheques and most leading credit and debit cards.
For example: VISA, Visa Electron, Visa Delta, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, Maestro and Solo
You can prepay by your card by calling us and we can send tokens to you (or your son or daughter) to spend in the car.

Tokens will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate, NO CHARGE for postage etc. For example, 10 hrs of tokens at £240.00

We are committed to our TRUSTWAVE compliance status. We will not store or save customer credit card details for future use in any format. If you pay for yoru driving lessons online using this webiste your payments will be processed by PayPal, you do not need a PayPal account to make a payment to us. PayPal can process all Visa, MasterCards and major credit/debit card types

If you are unclear about the prices you will be charged, please contact us using  online form below and I will reply personally as soon as possible.


Cancellations will be charged for if the instructor is already on his/her way to meet you. We expect you to cancel or re-arrange with at least 24 Hours notice, we reserve the right to charge you for any lessons cancelled outside this period.

If you fail to pay an outstanding amount, we will invoice you. Invoices must be paid within seven days of the day the debt occurred.
Failure to pay a bill will result in a £3.00 surcharge being added for every week that the bill remains unpaid.

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