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Becoming a Driving Instructor

We are always interested in talking to potential recruits.

Our philosophy is to recruit when we are too busy to cope and that usually occurs when someone leaves. Therefore, if you are interested in joining Sheffield’s finest and most professional team of instructors, your first step is to declare your interest and wait for us to get in touch.
At the bottom of this page is an application form. Tell us about yourself and we will contact all genuine enquiries. To avoid SPAM, we will not reply to anything that appears dodgy or non-genuine. EG: Email addresses that appear to have been generated from far away hot tropical countries.

The secret to the success of JDM is to recruit the right people rather than the most people. We have no intention of having hundreds of staff, we just want the best we can find.

If you are already an ADI – Approved Driving Instructor and you already work full time for yourself or a franchise, you may be interested in changing to a company that will help and support you more and give your personal reputation more of a boost.

By joining JDM you enhance your own good name with the good name of a long established local driving school.

You also know that your colleagues are of a similar quality and mindset. JDM have provided an all-inclusive franchise, but from Feb 2012, we are offering “roof box” franchises to ADI’s with a suitable car.

Your email to us will be in the strictest confidence and we will only arrange to meet you and discuss terms with you on your terms.

JDM do NOT recruit trainees and whilst we can help with your instructor training, we do not specialise in training people who want to become an instructor. We still want to talk to potential instructors. I was a trainee and I was a good instructor before I qualified. You might be like I was…

We will help you choose the best instructor trainer and guide you to a school that might recruit you as a trainee. We will offer help and guidance at no charge and additional training at our ordinary per hour costs.

Once you have qualified, we will see how we can accommodate you within our team. We will also send you for additional training and allocate a JDM instructor to be your mentor.

As a JDM instructor, you have the support of a locally based operation. The owner is a driving instructor and understands the area and the market and is best placed to serve YOU!

Successful Driving Instructors are flexible and willing to work. a good week is 30-32 hours of tuition spread over 6 or 7 days, which with travelling taken in to account is equivalent to a 40-hour week.

Alan Marsden

Give me someone who is flexible and prepared to put some hours in outside of 9-5, someone who is a likeable man or woman, with a full ADI badge and I will help them reach their full potential as a driving instructor. Our reputation is 2nd to none in improving instructors and their prospects

Becoming An ADI

Approved Driving Instructor
The DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) is the governing body for Driving Instructors as well as driving tests. To be an ADI you have to be over 21 and have held a full licence for 4 years. Visit to learn more.

The three exams you need to pass are:


HPT and THEORY; Your first step is to take a HPT test which is identical to the one taken by learner drivers. The pass mark is higher by 11 points at 55 out of 75 instead of 44. On the same day, you take a theory test with 100 questions. You need 85/100 to pass with at least 20/25 in each of 4 sections. The questions include the usual theory questions plus many others exclusive to instructors, such as questions on business practice etc.

Once you have passed the Theory/HPT, you take an extended driving test of around one hour. You are marked by the examiner and must obviously avoid serious and dangerous faults and must not exceed 6 of the lesser driving faults.

Trainees will have passed all the above and have taken at least 40 hours of instructor training.

The final exam is an hour with the examiner driving and the candidate teaching. For half an hour the examiner role-plays as a beginner and then switches to a more experienced learner for the second half. Passing this test of instructional ability will allow you to become an ADI.